Jennifer Elliot  

I love to dance and truly enjoy teaching others proper dance technique while having fun.  Come join the JRDS family !

JRDS - The Place to be ! 

Reviews ...

We are going into our 5th year here this fall and LOVE it as much as we did the first year! Jennifer keeps up to date on the latest dance technique and LOVES what she does. Keep up the good work Jennifer you have succeeded in making this Dance Mom and her daughter very happy costumers.  - Tammy G.


Jennifer's is a wonderful studio. Daily, I am always very thankful I came to her studio. Ms. Jennifer made me re-gain the passion and love I have for dancing. I have been with her for 4 years now and its only been getting better. All the kids and staff are truly genuine loving people which makes coming everyday 10x. Ms. Jennifer is one of the nicest and truly caring coaches I've ever known. I feel... as if I accomplish something knew every time I step into the studio. I really couldn't be any happier. Ms. Jennifer has helped me gain self confidence and skill that will actually help me in my later life. She has encouraged me to be the best I can be on and off the stage! I absolutely love Jennifer's Rising Dance Stars and couldn't imagine going any where else!  - Molly M.


She is a great teachers she works so well with the students. She has made me improve so much as a dancer. Wouldn't trade this studio for the world. :)  - Kaelyn K.


Jennifer has done an amazing job teaching my daughter to dance. I could not imagine a better instructor. My daughter took dance elsewhere in 1st grade and did not like it at totally turned her away from dancing. After 3 years, I finally convinced her to try dance again.....hip hop.....and she learned a ton. The studio is very relaxed and a ton of fun. Jennifer incorporates fun act...ivities with learning dance. My daughter wants to dance year round now. She also finally has rhythm now, which she did not have when she started. There was a night and day difference between last August and this month. Jennifer puts together an amazing recital and her competition girls are fabulous. I highly recommend her studio. I could not imagine being anywhere else. She has a true love for all of the girls and a passion beyond words.  -  Haley E.


Jennifer has done a fabulous job this year with my daughter. She is a great person and I would highly recommend her studio!! - Cami P.


My daughter has danced at JRDS for several years and loves it. She has really improved her skills and flexiblty. Jennifer's passion for dance is contagious and she has a talent for bringing out the best in each dancer. She is a devoted, professional yet fun teacher!  -  Lea J.


We have been at Jennifer's studio for 6 years and my girls love her! Jennifer loves what she does and it shows. She is both patient with and committed to her students. My oldest started competition dance this year and has really grown as a dancer and made some really nice new friends. We have never gone to another studio, and never plan to!  -  Karri B.


Such a great place to go if you are looking a friendly, fun, and hardworking environment. I've been at Jennifer's for 6 years now, and I absolutely love it! Jennifer offers recital classes, as well as a competition team. Both are a ton of fun! There are a variety of classes, so you pick and choose what style(s) of dance you like. This is especially helpful if you are just starting out. I love working with Jennifer because she puts so much dedication and determination into what she does. She is not only my instructor, but an amazing friend too.  I HIGHLY recommend you join the Jrds family :)  - Cienna N.


My girls have danced with Jennifer for years!!! The girls will not even consider going anywhere else!!! She is the most supportive caring teacher you could ask for, but she doesn't let the kids run wild, she keeps them on task!!! We love Jennifer and the other students and parents!!!  - Amy B.