Jennifer Elliot has devoted her whole life towards dancing and teaching.  She started doing recreational dance at the age of three and then later began dancing competitively.  Throughout her dance career Jennifer has won numerous regional and national awards with both groups and solos.  When Jennifer was eight years old she knew it was her dream to open her own dance studio.  Though some people thought she would change her mind, as most kids often do, Jennifer constantly worked towards her goal.  At the age of 12 she was chosen to be an assistant teacher.  Jennifer loved this because it was a combination of her two favorite things; kids and dance.


After a few years Jennifer went to another studio where she was again chosen to be an assistant.  During high school Jennifer spent 30 hours in the studio each week between assisting and dancing because she knew it would help her to one day reach her goal.  Throughout high school Jennifer also began teaching classes of her own at dance studios and at community centers.


Later, Jennifer received a dance scholarship to William Jewell College where she was a member of the dance team for 2 years.  Jennifer graduated with a 4.0 gpa with a major in psychology and a minor in coaching and performance enhancement.  In college Jennifer focused on child and sport psychology which have both been helpful for her today. She also did extra research and presentations at many psychology conferences on motivation.  The classes that Jennifer took for her minor such as kinesiology, physiology and treatment of injuries have also proved to be helpful to her today.


Over the years Jennifer's dancers have won an array of awards.  Some of these include overalls at regional, national and international competitions.  They have also won many dance scholarships to various cities around the United States.  Jennifer currently serves as a judge for many local dance and cheer team tryouts.  She has helped many girls make high school, college and NFL dance teams.  Jennifer's dancers continue to win many special awards and have won several overall awards this past year.  Jennifer is now living her dream and loves it more than ever!